Are you Current with the Latest Scrum Guide?

In November 2017 Scrum’s creators, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, announced updates to the official Scrum Guide.  CoLeadTeam has updated our free Scrum Reference Guide to reflect the minor changes available here.

What was changed?  Scrum tends to be easier done than said so a number of wording changes were made in an attempt to make things easier to understand.  And others to bust myths.  Such as the myth that Scrum is only for software.  Yes, Scrum’s early popularity was with software products.  Collaborative Leadership Team has all kinds of clients using Scrum to manage their work in information technology, hardware products, integrated products and event services companies.  In fact, CoLeadTeam uses Scrum to manager our work making us a living laboratory for our students and clients.

A stronger emphasis was also placed on Product in the new Scrum Guide (  Customers can’t use your Projects.  They want your Products.  Scrum focuses on having a working Increment of product with each Sprint streamlining value to Customers more quickly than traditional project management approaches.

If you missed the free webinar outlining all of the changes from Ken and Jeff, please visit:

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