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Collaborative Leadership Team first in Minnesota to offer Certified Scrum Professional® - ScrumMaster (CSP®- SM)


Through incorporating the values and principles of Agile into business decisions organizations quickly learn and adapt to capitalize on opportunities. Scrum is a management framework that some of the most successful companies on the planet use to incorporate those Agile values and principles. Collaborative Leadership Team guides business agility and is the first Path to CSP Educator certified to provide the Certified Scrum Professional® - ScrumMaster (CSP®- SM) in the Midwest.

“It’s easy to claim that you have skills with Agile and Scrum” said Angela Johnson, CEO of CoLeadTeam. “The CSP®- SM validates candidates’ work experience. Employers can more easily determine who has the skills to assist them in their Scrum journey knowing that the Scrum Alliance and an approved Path to CSP Educator like CoLeadTeam has vetted a candidate.”

The CSP®- SM program provides the Scrum Master with a deeper set of skills for their service to any Organization, Product Owner and Development Team. Beyond Scrum Mastery, this program focuses on the necessary Facilitation and Coaching skills that an effective Scrum Master needs to better coach leaders in an Agile organization. COO Teri Bylander-Pinke shared, “CoLeadTeam continues to be the first Agile and Scrum consultancy bringing advanced training and coaching to Minnesota. As a result, companies we transform are positioned to deliver more value for their clients and improve their agility.”

The inaugural CSP®- SM program in the Midwest will be held at the West End Conference Center August 19 - 20, 2019.

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About Collaborative Leadership Team: Collaborative Leadership Team (CoLeadTeam) guides business agility by using a unique combination of Coaching, Customized Training and Assessments. Our core values are focused on optimizing Leaders and Teams, improving their ability to deliver valuable, working product. We have experience with clients in many industries: software, hardware, services, manufacturing and more. For more information please visit our website or send an email to

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