What is a ScrumMaster?

What is a ScrumMaster?

In a recent Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course, a student new to Scrum was a bit confused by the repeated reference to the ScrumMaster as a “coach”.  “What do you mean coaching or when does this coaching happen?” was the question raised.

Christian Antoine earns Certified Scrum Trainer from Scrum Alliance

Christian Antoine has earned the Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) certification from the Scrum Alliance, the largest, most established and influential professional membership organization and certifying body in the Agile community.  Christian adds this exclusive certification to the Collaborative Leadership Team. Prior to achieving the CST® certification, Christian participated in the Scrum Alliance experimental Endorsed Scrum Trainer® (EST®) program which enabled him to deepen his Scrum training delivery skills.

The Secret to Being a Great ScrumMaster or Agile Coach: The People Chip

We are seeing a trend in our classes and coaching engagements.  We walk in “off the street” and immediately pinpoint the people problems.  Clients repeatedly ask “How do you know that?”  “Who is giving you this information?”   They are dumbfounded when we say “Nobody did.  We picked up on it right away.” “What is the secret to being a great scrummaster?”

ScrumMaster as Facilitators: More than Standing at the Front of the Room

One of the most common questions we at Collaborative Leadership Team (a Certified Agile Consultancy) receive when coaching clients on Scrum is, “How can I best facilitate a Team during one of the Scrum Ceremonies?”  While this question is being raised in a Scrum context, the ideas outlined in this blog are really applicable to any successfully facilitating any meeting.