Looking ahead to 2019!

Welcome 2019!

CoLeadTeam remains thankful for 2018 and the clients and students who trust us as guides in business agility. But it’s time to ring in the new year and bring to fruition the new things our team has been working on!


Announcing West End Conference Center:

West End Conference Center will not only be home to CoLeadTeam classes, but will also host a wide variety of workshops and programs from successful authors such as Dr. Harvey Robbins and Michael Nir.

In addition to having training rooms available for rent, West End Conference Center features individual Agile and Scrum coaching, “drop in” work space for individuals and small groups to rent. We’re up and running temporarily at 1550 Utica Ave South, Suite 120 in St. Louis Park. Our new home will be in the same set of towers at 1600 Utica Ave South, Suite 100 in St. Louis Park.

Stay tuned to the West End Conference Center site for grand opening details: http://www.westendconferencecenter.com/

Ignite Agility™ Meetup:

CoLeadTeam’s Ignite Agility™ program provides clients a way to hit the ground running with their Agile and Scrum adoptions. We observe lots of inspired students and graduates become igniters of agility so why limit Ignite Agility™ to adoption kick starts?

In Q1 2019, the West End Conference Center will be home to the Ignite Agility™ Meetup. The meetup will provide individuals a way to network and support others in the community.

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To join the conversation and get information about events as they unfold, stay tuned to: https://www.meetup.com/Ignite-Agility/

Scrum Day MN 2019:

Scrum Day MN continues to provide our community an opportunity to learn, network and support one another in the Agile and Scrum communities with proceeds benefiting a local charity. It has outgrown its home! It will still be right here in Minnesota but will relocate in 2019 to the Earle Brown Heritage Center.

Save the date – October 2, 2019.

Stay tuned to the Scrum Day site for details as they unfold: https://www.scrumdaymn.com/

Continued Advanced Agile and Scrum Training:

CoLeadTeam continues to bring advanced Agile and Scrum training to the MN Agile community. Stay tuned to our LinkedIn, Facebook page or website for information on new advanced offerings. In the meantime, check out these opportunities.

We're so excited for everything 2019 has in store- hope to have you tag along with us!

Collaborative Leadership Team Members Earn Prestigious Path to CSP Educator℠ Credentials

Collaborative Leadership Team Members Earn Prestigious Path to CSP Educator℠ Credentials

MINNEAPOLIS (September 10, 2018) – Collaborative Leadership Team (CoLead Team), an industry leader in providing Scrum and Agile coaching and training, is proud to announce that two of its team members have earned the rigorous Path to CSP Educator℠ credentials enabling them to deliver the Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM℠) certification. CoLead Team Founder and CEO, Angela Johnson and Certified Scrum Trainer, Christian Antoine are two of the first group of ten individuals to achieve this certification in the United States.

A New Definition of Insanity – Why Certified ScrumMaster Training?

In Certified ScrumMaster courses I find myself using the old saying “The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. Agile approaches such as Scrum are completely different ways of doing work. Yet so many organizations today do not understand this.

Accountability Layers

In the ocean (as marine biologist and Tom Clancy fans well know) there is a point where warm surface water and cold water from below meet. It’s called the Thermocline layer. It’s where the heat from the sun can’t sufficiently heat the water relative to the cooling currents from below.

Consistency vs. Accuracy – Certified ScrumMaster Training

In Certified Scrum Master Training (CSM), participants learn consistent and frequent delivery of value is an outcome when Agile Scrum is used as directed.  Accuracy is not the goal, consistency is.  Seeking accuracy is the same as trying to be ‘perfect’.