Creativity is Required In Scrum: "Alike" Video


Why does the Collaborative Leadership Team love Scrum?  Because the Team (Development Team, Delivery Team, Leadership Team, Finance Team, etc) is allowed (and required) to use their creativity to solve a problem or create a new solution.  If Teams are only needed to solve a well defined problem by following a preset solution, that Team is likely going to be automated at some point. See car manufacturing...

Today's world of work is dynamic. We rarely know the outcome of our idea on "day 1".  In fact, that is when we know the least!  So why do we tie ourselves to an initial idea before we have any empirical data to support or refute the idea?  

Remember learning about the Scientific Method in school?  Agile and Scrum embrace the same philosophy.  Come up with an idea; determine the smallest way to test that idea; measure the results; learn from the results; adjust your idea; repeat.  

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do.  It will help you find your "color"!

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