Let’s talk about the ScrumMaster as an Active Facilitator.

To begin with, let's look at what we DON'T mean by this. An Active Facilitator does not mean somebody who simply stands at the front of the room. An Active Facilitator is not the notetaker.  In other words, they are not bent over a keyboard typing into an electronic device or writing word-for-word on a white board. This also does not mean the ScrumMaster is only an Active Facilitator for a Development Team. They are intended to be available to the organization and to the Product Owner as well.

Here are some simple tips you can use to be that Active Facilitator:

·         Prepare:  What is the Scrum event that you're about to lead? Is it not necessarily a Scrum event that you've been asked to facilitate? It probably is worthwhile to find out who the attendees will be and what the goal for the session is so that you can best prepare as the facilitator.

·         Establish Ground Rules: Make sure ground rules for the event or session are established to keep it on track. This way you can let the participants or attendees know ahead of time so that they are not surprised when they arrive. For example, if it is going to be an event where no electronics are permitted, make sure you give them that heads up before the session starts.  It may be helpful to allow them to add any at the beginning of the session that they would like to add also.

·         Close the Session: How are you going to recap what has been decided including any subsequent action items or next steps? It may take some time to figure out how you're best going to close that session so be prepared to do this so that the session does not end abruptly or leave anyone wondering what any next steps will be.

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