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Agile Coaching Services

Enterprise and Scaled Agile Coaching

What is Enterprise and Scaled Agile Coaching?

Is your organization rolling out Agile across the enterprise?  Is this raising cultural issues?  Structural and organizational impediments?  Remember, change is hard!  The Collaborative Leadership Team has helped many clients work through this change.  Their experience will enable all levels of the organization to avoid “common mistakes and pitfalls” and to get on with delivering business value faster.  That’s what Agile is all about!  Visit the About Us section of our website and read client testimonials under Praise to learn why we are effective at helping you change your culture.  Additional references are available upon request.

Executive and Leadership Agile Coaching

Can your executive and leadership team benefit from agile coaching?

Coaching is not limited to getting a Team or Teams up and running with Agile methods.  Today’s Agile leader is faced with different considerations in their roles and are vital to the success of any Agile adoption or transformation.  The Collaborative Leadership Team has successfully coached CEOs, CIOs, VPs, Directors and other Management roles as they go through this change.  Contact us to learn how we can help you or your leadership team in changing the way your organization does work.

Agile Team Coaching

Is Agile Team Coaching right for your team?

Have a team that’s ready to get going with Agile methods and need a “jump start”?  Have an existing Agile team that just needs a “health check” and advice to become more effective?  In either case, the Collaborative Leadership Team can help!  Our team is experienced at helping teams who are getting started in adopting Agile methods.  We have also successfully helped teams who have been using Agile, but need a fresher or help solving particular issues that have been exposed after working with Agile techniques.  Contact us to learn how we can help your teams produce business value faster.

Individual Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching is not limited to Teams, Organizations or Companies.  If you aspire to be an Agile Coach or are an Agile Coach looking for mentoring from someone who has “been there” the Collaborative Leadership Team can help.  We can also assist those individuals whose company has not retained expert Agile assistance but would like to pursue additional learning on their own.  Contact us to learn if we can be of assistance to you in your Agile journey.

Agile Assessment Services

An Agile Assessment provides a “Score Card” of either Agile Adoption Readiness or a maturity benchmark for any team, department or organization’s adoption of Agile methods.  This includes both the soft side of Agile approaches in terms of gauging team health and cultural changes all the way through to the state of technology practices and identifying organizational barriers to change.

The Assessment approach includes:

  • Conducting brief interviews of key team members, leadership and anyone the organization wishes to include in the Agile Readiness Assessment or Health Check.
  • Observations of key meetings and/or ceremonies such as planning sessions, daily scrums, reviews, etc.
  • An anonymous survey delivered to any team members, leadership or anyone the organization wishes to include in the assessment.
  • Assessment Analysis is delivered in an Executive Overview highlighting the main points of interest, however, all data is analyzed with appropriate recommendations included in a final report.


Our experience proves that in order to make any change permanent, multiple efforts must come together:

Initial Conversation:  Doing work differently will cause change to your organization.  Are you ready for this?  Is your Team ready for this?
Why/Metrics:  What is your definition of success?  Why are you in business?  How do you measure success?  Let's find your top metrics so we know what to impact.
Assessment:  Where is your organization today?  This is your baseline.  In order to understand if we are achieving our goals, we have to know where we are starting
Customized Training Plan:  You cannot copy another organization's transformation.  Your culture, your teams, your products are different.  We will build a customized training plan that will produce the "slow boil" change that is needed for a long-lasting impact.  
Leadership Workshop:   Transformations will only go as far as the Leaders are willing to take it.  This training will get Leaders together to make sure we are all on the same page.  Then we will produce a list of impediments that the Leaders will take responsibility for removing in order to help their Teams be more successful.  
Agile Team Bootcamp:  In 3-days, a full Team will build the Product Vision, Roadmap, Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and start Sprinting!  This workshop combines instruction and exercises to give the team the opportunity to learn and work on REAL WORK!  
Coaching on-site & real time for the Product Owner, Scrum Master, Leadership, and the Development Team.

The Outcome: 

  • In 12 weeks, your Team will be trained, coached and have delivered 4-5 Sprints of work.


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