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Creating High Performing Teams - Guaranteed to Run!

  • West End Training Center 1550 Utica Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55416 United States (map)

Date: Apr 10, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: West End Conference Center
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Instructor: Harvey Robbins
Phone: 612-791-1388

What is it?

Today’s companies are fast turning to team building as a means for organizing and doing work. In theory, teams increase productivity; they improve communication; they make better use of resources; they are more creative and more efficient at solving problems; they make and implement higher quality decisions.

 In reality, however, many companies and managers have found teams prone to problems that make them ineffective. Teams become confused about goals; they have difficulty in reaching decisions; individuals don’t accept their roles; team leaders don’t always act like one. In short, the promise of teams has fallen short of our expectations.

How will this benefit Leaders supporting an Agile or Scrum Adoption, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Development Team Members who attend?

Most of the problems uncovered in a Scrum adoption are people-related. So how do people get better at working with each other as Scrum Teams?

Packed with practical questions and answers about teams, this one-day team building workshop identifies the obstacles that prevent teams from achieving their potential and provides methods to remove them. This workshop is based on the book WHY TEAMS DON’T WORK, winner of the 1995 Global Business Book Award

 What’s in it?

Some of the topics covered during this workshop include: 

• The characteristics of effective team members
• Building trust on teams
• The five fundamentals to effective teamwork
• The major interpersonal barriers to teamwork: perceptual differences; behavioral style (personality) differences; cultural differences.
• A new view of the various stages of team building
• The differences between bad, good, and exceptional (high performance) teams

 Who should use it?

Team Building Training is a one-day awareness version of the two-day MAKING TEAMS WORK workshop. It is designed for all individuals, managers, and senior executives who have a desire to learn why teamwork has not been as successful in some circumstances as had been hoped, to get the most out of existing teams, and to start off new teams on the right foot

About our Speaker

Harvey A. Robbins, Ph.D., L.P, president of Robbins & Robbins, Inc. located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, has been a practicing business psychologist since 1974. His broad experience provides his clients with training in leadership skills, management skills, team leadership skills, high performance team building as well as consulting in leadership effectiveness, teams effectiveness, change management and executive coaching.

Robbins has provided international consulting services to numerous corporations and federal and state agencies including the U.S. Treasury ATF, American Express, AT&T, Allied Signal, FMC, General Dynamics, Honeywell, 3M, IRS, International Multifoods, Johnson & Johnson, Southern Company, Target Stores, Toro, US West, Winnebago, Upsher-Smith Laboratories, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Customs. He has also presented at many national and international conferences.

Prior to 1982, Robbins worked as a personnel research psychologist for the psychological services branch of the intergovernmental personnel programs division of the U.S. Civil Service Commission (CIA), manager of personnel development and research for Burlington Northern, Inc., and corporate manager of organization development for Honeywell.

Harvey, a native of New York City, received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Texas A&M. He is the author of seven books – TURF WARS: Moving from Competition to Collaboration, HOW TO SPEAK AND LISTEN EFFECTIVELY; and WHY TEAMS DON’T WORK, co-authored with newspaper business columnist Michael Finley. This treatise on teams received the 1995 Financial Times / Booz Allen & Hamilton Global Business Book Award. He also released a book titled WHY CHANGE DOESN’T WORK in late 1996. Another work with Mike Finley, TRANSCOMPETITION, was published as a lead book with McGraw-Hill’s new Business Week Books division in 1998. In October, 2000, Harvey published a completely rewritten update of his award-winning teams book, now named THE NEW WHY TEAMS DON’T WORK and a newly released book entitled THE ACCIDENTAL LEADER. He is currently working on a book tentatively titled The Art of Dangerous Coaching.