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Collaborating with Non-Collaborators

  • West End Conference Center 1600 Utica Avenue South, Suite 100 St. Louis Park, MN, 55416 United States (map)

Date: Nov 15th, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: West End Conference Center
Location: Minneapolis, MN 55416
Instructor: Pollyanna Pixton
Phone: 952-232-6423


Often project leaders are in a situation where they are up against a process or person that prohibits them or the team they are leading from making progress. A person who withholds information in order to use it to their own advantage and says they will do one thing, but then does what they want.

This course explains how to identify non-collaborators—a leader, team member, team, or even a process. Then examines the system within which the non-collaborators work: their success factors, motivations, measurement and reward systems, fears, hot buttons, and hidden agendas. Participants learn how to assess the risks in dealing with non-collaborators. Using a trust and ownership model, everyone maps the traits of non-collaborators and considers tools and techniques to cope with each trait. Finally, if all else fails, learn the options for working around non-collaborators.

Being a good leader is about being able to lead well in a wide range of circumstances especially new, changing and ambiguous situations. This leadership course will show how to sharpen your leadership skills and share insights and experiences on dealing with people, processes and teams within and across projects.                                                                               

Course modules

  • Identifying non-collaborators

  • In what systems do the non-collaborator and the project leader operate

  • General and specific tools in dealing with non-collaborators


In this interactive course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify non-collaborators: those unskilled in collaboration, standing back out of fear, or wanting it to be all about them.

  • Understand the systems your non-collaborators work in: what motivates them, what are their hot buttons, and personal agendas.

  • Assess the systems you work in: your success criteria, your fears, and what are you willing to risk.

  • Build a map of non-collaborator traits.

  • General tools for dealing with non-collaborators and specific cases using the map.

  • Examining how tolerance for uncertainty effects successful collaboration.

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