Ignite Agility® Podcast with Ed Ballou A-CSM

Angela’s guest this week is Ed Ballou A-CSM to discuss some recent Twitter discussions and talk about certifications. Ed is a recent graduate of the Advanced-CSM course.

Some highlights from the show:

“There's a difference of perspectives here that if we’re assuming things about agile coaches out there or scrum masters, that their only idea of agility is on the teams that they have been on and who can tell if that's an agile team or not? Who has been reinforcing them or that mentor spot to work on that team or reinforcing them, or at least give you some ownership “yeah you guys are an agile team” if you've never exactly have that then you only have what your reading about in blogs and tweets about what is agility.”

“You have all this information but it’s really about the execution that is really looking at that team and sayings are they truly an agile team or not and who decides that.”

“Experience is experience it’s not bad its not good it just is When you talk about agility, it's also not a destination.”

“I do see people who have changed their linked in profile to agile coach and when I look at their experience every position they've cited on that same profile before agile coach has been project manager, project manager, program manager … I don’t think some of these people have spent time on a scrum team because what I see in their background.” (6:46)

“Project management which is a different way of doing work not necessarily an agile way to do work.”