Dee Rhoda - Certified Scrum Professional.jpeg

Dee Rhoda, CSP®, ICP-ACC®, CLP, Scrum at Scale Trainer®

Dee Rhoda, CSP has 15+ years as an IT professional and 5+ years implementing Scrum and Agile practices. Her experiences transforming teams to Agile from sequential development methods have driven
her to work with persistence, optimism and passion for positive change. She is devoted to assisting others in achieving success. Dee is a Certified Scrum Professional® and a 2015 graduate of the Agile Certificate program from the University of Minnesota, College of Continuing Education.

Dee is the second midwest trainer approved to train Dr. Jeff Sutherland's Scrum at Scale class.  

Dee lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is married with two sons. Dee is an avid golfer, constantly seeking the elusive lower handicap (and little white ball). When she is not on the golf course, she enjoys spending time with family and friends over a game of cards.