Are you ready to be an Advanced-CSM®?

Calling all Scrum Masters in the #PacificNorthwest! Are you ready to an Advanced-CSM?  Seattle is home to the Seattle Scrum Company ( and the Certified Scrum Trainer® who heavily influenced my work when I was a Scrum Master and later as the Certified Scrum Trainer® I am today. That CST® is Michael James

If you have not downloaded your free copy of his ScrumMaster Checklist, it is the pivotal tool for any Scrum Master:

Let’s get back to that original question:  Are you ready to be an Advanced-CSM®? As Michael says, an adequate Scrum Master can handle two or three teams at a time if you are ok with being relegated to perceived administrivia. A great ScrumMaster knows that they don’t just serve the Development Team.  They serve the Product Owner and greater Organization also – which is two-thirds of the job!

If you review the ScrumMaster Checklist and agree that you are content in being time-sliced across multiple Development Teams, and not serving the Product Owner or Organization, then the A-CSM® is not the course for you.

If you review the ScrumMaster Checklist and agree that you are ready to be a great Scrum Master improving the performance of not only a Development Team but their Product Owner and the greater Organization, this A-CSM®is the program for you after all! All are welcome to join even if they are not interested in pursuing the credential.

To qualify for the A-CSM® through the Scrum Alliance, here’s what you need:

·       A Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) credential in good standing with the Scrum Alliance

·       12+ Months experience working as a Scrum Master

·       Completion of this 2-day A-CSM® program

To learn more and to register please visit: