Happy Birthday! Collaborative Leadership Team Turns 9!



Hard to believe it’s been 9 years!  It started simply enough.  I created a corporation to be able to do the work I loved on a corp to corp basis with clients who were interested in changing the way they do work. Branding wasn’t a concern and I drew inspiration from one of my favorite movies at the time and Aequitas Consulting was born June 1, 2010. 

As demand for services grew, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. And it’s hard to teach teamwork when you’re an army of one. As we grew it became clear that folks struggled with saying our name. After operating for four years as Aequitas Consulting, we rebranded and filed a name change to become known as Collaborative Leadership Team. It described how we were working and how we inspire our clients to do work.

Our 9th year has brought about another change. We were frustrated about the student experience in some of the venues where classes were being held and decided we could offer them something better. We opened West End Conference Center in March 2019. This not only offers our students a far better learning atmosphere but enables us to host meetups and license the extra space out to those in need of an event venue or place to work.

The only thing better than getting to do what I love to make a living is who I get to do that with. None of this would be possible without the Dream Team that is Collaborative Leadership Team. A huge thank you to Christian Antoine, Dee Rhoda, Rand Eaton, Teri Bylander-Pinke, Patti Meyer, Jessica Lother and Dave Knoll. It’s a joy to learn from all of you and to be on your team. 

Happy Birthday Collaborative Leadership Team!