Collaborative Leadership Team to offer LKU Certified Kanban Training in Minnesota


Kanban is a method of organizing and managing professional services work. It uses Lean concepts such as limiting work in progress to improve results. A Kanban system is means of limiting work-in-progress and signaling when capacity is available to start new work. This is known as a “pull system.”

"CoLeadTeam continues its commitment to helping the amazing organizations of the Twin Cities and the Midwest deal with the barrage of challenges to their survival” said Angela Johnson, Founder and CEO of CoLeadTeam. “Change is the only constant. The organizations that can learn and adapt the fastest, will be the ones that succeed. Working differently takes a combination of Training & Coaching. Organizations have smart, knowledgeable employees that need the time and the training to embrace and overcome the obstacles that this business climate will constantly throw at them."

The series of 3 classes build upon one another from team level work through multiple workstreams allowing an organization to progress as their circumstances dictate. COO and Product Owner, Teri Bylander-Pinke shared, “Kanban provides a lower barrier to entry for some organizations looking to improve their agility but who are unable to make required structural changes that Agile frameworks such as Scrum require. Offering Kanban will enable CoLeadTeam to help a wider variety of organizations.”

Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT), Rand Eaton, adds “The Kanban method is an alternate path to Agility that organizations can use to balance their demand with their capability. Companies begin to see their organizations as workstreams providing value to their customers instead of have products that impact each other.”

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About Collaborative Leadership Team: CoLeadTeam provides the unique combination of Certified Training, Coaching, Customized Training, Assessments, and Ignite AgilityTM plans. Our core values are focused on optimizing Individuals and Teams, improving their ability to deliver valuable, working product. Agile & Scrum is useful for much more than software. We have experience using this for software, hardware, services, manufacturing, house flipping, and strategic decision making. For more information on our service offerings, please visit our website

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