Advance your Scrum game!

What would you say is a major difference between a basic player and an advanced or professional player? A big factor is knowing the rules. 

It’s so important in fact that In Scrum we have a role whose whole job it is to coach the team on the rules of the game- the ScrumMaster. 

If knowing the games’s rules separates the casual from advanced - Scrum masters should be the same. Knowing the current rules and keeping up on changes to them count for a lot in a high performing team. 

How many people on your scrum team have not read the Scrum Guide? (

Or have read it multiple times? 

Or have read the latest update from November 2017? ( 

Rules of the game:

Professional athletes can get hurt if they don’t follow the rules of the game. Sometimes there are penalties or fines when rules are not followed, and the game is disrupted. 

Rules of the game provide shared understanding, A common way to play the game. 

In our profession, what happens when we don't have shared understanding and guidelines? 

We’ve noticed a lack of shared understanding often results in delay of delivered value. And yes- even injury in our workplace relationships. 

If you consider yourself an advanced scrum master, are you current in the game? What's your team’s understanding of the rules? How about some advanced tools to coach your team to become even more effective? 

Join us for the latest certificate from the Scrum Alliance and learn how to take your game to the next level. A-CSM Atalanta, GA June 18-19

(photo by East Stroudsburg University)