Scrum Framework: Let it Work for You

Hi! I'm Christian Antoine. I'm an Agile instructor and Coach with the Collaborative Leadership Team.

I want to talk to you about the framework and how it's set up to help you. Let it work for you. When people learn a different way to approach their work, change brings about anxiety. I've learned to explain the framework this way to help people figure out that it's okay.

When we look at it this way, the framework is actually set up to make sure we don't get too far down the road before we find out if we're on track or not. And, when we look at it this way, we start with the product vision.  If we miss it in the vision, we'll catch it during the road map. If we miss anything in the road map, we'll catch it during the release plan. If we're missing anything in the release planning, we can catch it in sprint planning. If we miss it in sprint planning and we start the sprint, we'll catch it during the daily scrum. If we miss it during the sprint, we'll catch it at the sprint review. If there's something going on with the team, we'll catch it in sprint retro.

Either way, the whole intent of the framework is to make sure we're getting the right people to have consistent conversations to determine if they're building the right product and they're building the product right. So just start. Start with just enough, let the details flush out as you go and trust that the framework isn't going to let you hurt yourself.