Flipping a House with Scrum

Flipping a House with Scrum?  Can you really do that?  Collaborative Leadership Team received an email from Tom, one of our Minneapolis graduates while he was in the process of doing just that.

Tom writes:

“I was working with our friend Reuben today to show him a house rehab project I have going in Christian’s part of town.  It is a pretty basic rehab of cosmetic items.  Goal is to have it back on the market in 4 weeks and staying in a $6K budget.  “Done” is when truth in housing inspection is done with no findings of “repair or replacement needed”.

I am the product owner and I walked my work crew through our backlog process.  In the photo you can see the two sets of stickies to the left are the backlog items.  We are running one-week sprints with a review and retrospective every Wednesday morning (at which time the crew gets another 25% of their fee).    There are items that will be added with my name or inspection items that I need to review before continuing with the activity (i.e. paint samples must be approved before completing the entire interior of the house.)

The contractors were a bit skeptical at first with a “this guy is full of $hit look on their face”, but when I explained to them how this is going to help them know exactly what needs to be done and when to ask me for clarification, they slowly came around and the committed to giving this a try.

I will take weekly pictures to track progress.  I am going to put this together as a case study on SCRUM outside of IT projects. I know it isn’t building a car from scratch, but I have to walk before I can fly.

I just wanted to let you know that THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!    I am very excited about this experiment.    Please let me know if your SCRUM expertise has any coaching for me.

~Tom, 2014 Certified ScrumMaster graduate

Tom just posted the entire story with pictures on his own site. Check it out here:



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