How do you Hire the Best Scrum & Agile Trainer


How do you hire the best Scrum & Agile Trainer? Not all Agile and Scrum Trainers are created equal!

It seems that everyone is offering “Agile” or “Scrum” training these days. In the rush for businesses and professionals to cash in on this new way to do work, it is you the learner that is at risk.

You run the risk of spending money on a training class that does not teach you the intended Agile values, principles and frameworks. You may spend money for a Certification that is not accredited with a reputable organization. And you may wind up with a “trainer” who is reading off of some prepared slides but who has never lead people at all levels of an organization through an Agile Transformation, a Scrum Transformation or any kind of change of this magnitude.

Here are 2 suggestions to use in making your selection:

1. Contact the trainer:
Call or email the trainer to ask if you may speak with them for a few minutes. Ask questions about their background, credentials and experience.

  • Are they actively helping companies adopting Agile or Scrum?
  • Or was that something they did 5, 10, 15 years ago, if ever?
  • Are they just holding “training classes” as fast as they can?

2. Find out about the course approach:
Contact either the trainer or training provider to learn about the course content or the learning approach.

  • Will the class be all theory or are real world customer examples and case studies used in the course?
  • Does the course material adhere to the Scrum Guide, the core Scrum reference guide, or other credible Agile organization’s guidelines?
  • Is the course interactive?

The Scrum Alliance also offers additional recommendations to determine if you are selecting a “certification” course that is best for you.

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