The Scrum Product Owner


A question that comes up frequently in Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training is “should the Scrum Product Owner come from the Business side of the company or the I.T. side of the company”?

One of the things that we’re reminded of in the Agile Manifesto is that Business People and Developers must work together daily. In this new way of doing work, we encourage people to work together. This is a “we” thing not a “me” or an “I.T.” thing. We’re all on the same team at our organizations!


The Scrum Guide points out that the Product Owner must have the respect of the entire organization for the decision that he or she is making about the Product and is responsible for maximizing Product Value. Is this something your organization is willing to abdicate to Information Technology? Or is this the decision of someone who is in a line of business in the organization?

The Scrum Alliance Core Scrum page notes that the “Product Owner is the closest to the business side” of things.


As you try to interpret these definitions for your own situation, remember to talk to each other and reach consensus on the best solution that will enable you to deliver business value more rapidly. That’s what Scrum is all about.

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