Agile Requirements & Story Writing Workshop

In this two-day course you will put Agile and Scrum knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to work in order to achieve writing great agile requirements and user stories. The class provides lots of opportunity to practice drafting product visions, product road maps, identifying user roles, writing stories and more all in a learning environment.

This class is ideal for a new Product Owner, a business analyst making the transition to working on an Agile or Scrum Team or anyone who has been tasked with creating the Product Backlog for an Agile project.

This class will cover:

  • Scrum Roles with emphasis on the Product Owner
  • Developing User Roles and Personas
  • Developing the Product Vision
  • Creating a Product Roadmap
  • Creating a User Story Map
  • Grooming and Ordering the Emergent Product Backlog
  • Use of Story Writing Workshops to Generate User Stories
  • Techniques for Capturing Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done


Participants eligible for 14 Education Hours for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner application and 14 PMI PDUs
(Professional Development Units)